Additional custom fields


In Brokermint you can customize specific fields and eliminate the transaction management routine.

How do I add additional fields?

On the Fields page, you will find a list of custom transaction lists, templates, and tags that can be edited. Here's an instruction for each one:

Transaction fields

These appear when creating a new transaction; some of them can be required.


Transaction roles

They allow you to customize roles for each contact within a transaction. You can select the role of each contact you added to a transaction. You can also set the roles to be required if necessary.


Transaction types

Here you can customize the type of sale when creating a transaction. 


User fields

You can add specific fields to the user profile when creating or editing one.


Contact fields

They allow you to add additional fields when adding contact information.


Contact types

Here you can customize the contact type when creating a new contact.


Contact lead source

You have the ability to customize the lead source. 


Document rejection reasons

These give you the ability to customize rejection reasons when approving documents.


E-mail templates

You can upload as many office e-mail templates into Brokermint as you need.



It gives you the ability to link users to specific teams.


Commission tags

You can work with commission tags and use them in the commission structure tracked by the payments report.


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