RealSatisfied integration

Connect RealSatisfied and Brokermint to eliminate double entry and most importantly get feedback from your clients in no time!

Now, thanks to our newest integration with RealSatisfied, you can help your agents get invaluable feedback from both buyers and sellers. The RealSatisfied system works whether your agent is the listing agent or the buyer’s agent, and allows them to discover any weak points as well as be recognized for their hard work and efforts.

Agents can then use the feedback they receive on their personal websites as well as share it with their social media profiles automatically. 

Step 1

Login to your RealSatisfied account and navigate to the Manage section.

Once there check if you have access to the Integrations tab. 

Reach out to the RealSatisfied support team and request to enable integrations for your account in case it's not available for you.

Step 2

At the same time reach out to your Brokermint Customer Support Specialist or email requesting your API key. 

Please note, in case you have multiple offices in Brokermint setup as sub-accounts you need to obtain an API key for each office. API key has to be for a user that has access to all transactions within a given account (office).

Step 3

Get back to your RealSatisfied account and click on the Add Integration button under Manage > Integrations.

On the integration settings page select Brokermint in the Integration Type dropdown. 

  • Set the Status option to Active to activate the integration. 
  • Set the integration Label to Brokermint - Your company (Office name in case you have multiple offices).
  • Set your Time Zone to match your current geographical location. 
  • Set Auto Office to ON
  • Set Auto Account to ON
  • Set Auto Survey to ON
  • Set Mapped Office to the office location that you want to use for this integration. In case you have multiple offices you need to set them up under Manage > Office tab first and then set up the integration for each office separately.
  • Enter API KEY - enter the key you've got from the Brokermint customer support team. 
  • Set Buyer role to Buyer, contacts with this role will be pushed from Brokermint when you represent a buy-side deal.
  • Set Seller role to Seller, contacts with this role will be pushed from Brokermint when you represent the listing side.

Click on OK to save the configuration.

Sync schedule: instant, usually takes up to a minute
sync happens when you mark deals (transactions) as closed in your Brokermint account.

The integration pulls transactions Brokermint along with contacts associated with these transactions. It takes either Buyer or Seller contact information based on the side that you represent.

Once pulled it saves it to RealSatisfied and combines it with Survey information that you previously set up in your RealSatisfied account. 

Surveys sit in a queue and require manual approval by the RealSatisfied account administrator. It's a very simple one-click process that takes a few seconds to complete.

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