Calendar and tasks


The best transaction is one that closes on time. Brokermint allows you to see everything upcoming in a simple horizontal calendar view. From listing expiration dates to task deadlines — the Calendar keeps things organized, so you never miss a due date.

How do I see my calendar and tasks?

When you are on the Calendar page, you'll see your calendar by default. You can see transaction items in your calendar only if you're a transaction owner. If you can access transactions assigned to other users, you can see their to-dos by clicking a colored My dropdown.


Select All transactions option in a My dropdown to see everyone's tasks across the transactions you can access.

How are items organized in the calendar?

Items are organized in chronological order beginning with past due, followed by due this week, then due next week, and so on.


How do I complete tasks in the calendar?

If the task does not require a document, you can check it off directly from the calendar. It will also be set as completed inside the transaction. For tasks that require a document, you can upload files directly from the calendar. They will disappear from your calendar and be set as completed inside the transaction.


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