Introducing RateMyAgent Integration

Release Notes | 1.18.23 | Add-Ons
We have partnered with RateMyAgent to allow Brokermint users to collect client reviews upon the close of a transaction. This integration means you'll never miss a client review again by setting up Easy Reviews, a RateMyAgent feature that helps you to automatically request reviews.

How It Works

  • Enter the Buyer/Seller full name, email address, and cell phone number when creating Transaction in Brokermint
  • RateMyAgent will receive buyer/seller details via the integration
  • RateMyAgent will send a Review Request once the property as been marked ‘Closed’ in Brokermint
  • Once the review is received, it will be live on RateMyAgent

*Please Note: This integration requires an active RateMyAgent account to use. This integration has no extra cost and is available to customers on our Enterprise plan tier. 


About RateMyAgent:

RateMyAgent is on a mission to bring trust and transparency to the world of real estate. We know there are many great agents out there working hard to create a positive experience with their clients. That’s why we’ve built a simple, easy to use platform that makes trustworthy agents easier to find. We do this by making it hassle free to collect client reviews with our automated Easy Review service and we make it easy to share these to key platforms, such as Google, to help great agents be found first.

To learn more about RateMyAgent, please visit their website


For help getting started with this integration, please visit our Help Article. 

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