RateMyAgent Integration

RateMyAgent has integrated with Brokermint to retrieve your client data so that we can simplify your review collection process.

Connecting the app

You connect the integration from your RateMyAgent account. When you click 'Connect' for Brokermint from within RateMyAgent, you will be shown the screen requesting your Brokermint API key.



To retrieve this key, the Brokermint account owner needs to email support@brokermint.com and our support team will reply back with your API key!

Once you have your API Key, return to RateMyAgent and go to Reviews > Automate in your RateMyAgent Profile and click 'Connect' on Brokermint.


Updating your Brokermint settings

These settings are at a Brokermint admin level and affect users for the whole account. If you are not the admin, you will need to speak to someone in your business who does have this access. We recommend notifying your agents when you make these changes as it will be required for all users.

When you're logged into your Brokermint account, click 'Fields' under the settings section from the main dashboard.


You will see the below Lists & Templates. Click 'Transaction Roles'.


From here, tick on the 'required' check box.


Next up, click the blue 'email is optional' dropdown and select 'including email'. (this means your clients email is required for the transaction).


Now change the selected option from 'always' to 'only when' and select 'seller' from the 'side represented' dropdown. Click Save!


You should then do the same for your buyers. Select 'Buyer' from 'transaction roles'. Click 'required'.

Select 'including email' from the drop down.

Change to 'Only when'

Select 'Buyer' from 'side represented' dropdown

Click Save!


All agents within your Brokermint account will now be required to enter the client data from their side of the transaction.

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