Creating & Managing Transactions and Checklists on Mobile App

Brokermint allows Agents to create and update transactions directly on the mobile app, including the ability to assign and complete checklists. The mobile app also allows Agents to generate and send eSign documents, complete checklist tasks, and send emails.

How do I create a transaction on Mobile App?

Go to the Transactions tab, tap the "+" sign at the top right corner, and tap Create new. If you have an MLS module connected, you'll be able to add the transaction from the MLS number.

On the opened screen, you need to fill in the required fields (highlighted red), and select the type and status of the transaction (you can adjust these fields later). *Please note that the Price field only accepts numerical input (example: 525000).


The next steps will let you fill in optional fields, select sides, and add contacts. When you're all set, tap the Create button to create a transaction. That's it! Any transactions added on the mobile app will automatically connect to the desktop platform so you can make changes from your computer or your phone as the transaction progresses. 

How do I edit a transaction on Mobile App?

Within the transaction, tap the three-dots icon at the top-right corner and select Edit transaction. Here you can adjust any fields on the transaction (including the status) and tap Save to apply the changes.


How do I add or edit a checklist on Mobile App?

Select the Checklists tab at the bottom of your screen, tap the three-dots icon > Add checklist. Next, select the template and add the acceptance date. 

Pro tip: You can add multiple checklists to your transaction. By tapping the checklist name at the top of the page, you can go back and forth between checklists complete tasks from each one. 

Learn how to send eSign documents on the mobile app here. 



How do I rename, void, or delete a checklist on Mobile App?

Agents with the 'can manage checklist templates' permission enabled can rename, void, or delete a checklist by tapping the three-dots icon and selecting one of the three options at the bottom of the Actions list.



How do I delete a transaction Mobile App?

You can delete a transaction by tapping the three-dots icon and selecting Delete Transaction. Keep in mind, this will delete the transaction from both the mobile app and desktop platform. 



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