Approve/Reject Documents in the Mobile App

The Brokermint mobile app allows Admins to review and exempt, approve, or reject documents right from their mobile app. 

Agents will be notified of the approve/reject status and can also see the status (Exemption, Approval, Rejection, and so on) of the document in their Docs or Checklists tab of the associated Transaction.

How do I review documents from the mobile app?

From your To Do menu at the bottom of your main navigation, you can review all Submitted Documents and Exemption Requests in one place. Select a Transaction to proceed. To refresh the page, pull down on your screen. 


Review each document or exemption request and select 'Finish Review' when you are done. Choose to leave a comment for the agent if you wish. If you have multiple objects to review, you will automatically be prompted to review the next document. 



Review the documents and tasks submitted in the order you'd like by selecting the document name at the top of the screen and switching between documents.



By selecting the X icon in the top left, you can go back to the homepage to switch between Transactions, choose review only certain documents submitted, or exit out of the review process and come back later with your progress saved. 



The (i) icon at the top-right will allow you to see the info about transactions, contacts, and view related documents. 



When you're all set with reviewing, tap Finish review so that you can add final notes (for example, the rejection approval) and select whether you want to Approve or Reject the doc. At the end of your review, you'll see the Submit back to agent menu. The default recipient is the transaction owner, but you can CC any contact you want.



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