Agent Statements

Brokermint supplies users with monthly statements delivered via email, so agents (and vendors if applicable) can stay on top of their charges paid and owed. 

To enable the automatic delivery of statements, Admins with permissions to Accounting should follow the steps below.

What are recurring monthly statements?

Monthly Statements show all activity on the Agent's Ledger plus any recurring billing during a specific period of time. Admins can enable the automated email delivery of Monthly Statements.

Important details

  • After enabling, monthly statements will be sent on the first calendar day of the current month and cover the previous month's period (first day of the month from 00:00 till the last day of the month 23:59 EST time zone)
  • For brokerages with subaccounts and over 100 agents, it may take up to 5 days to deliver all of the statements for that period
  • The statement will contain all transactions from Agent's ledger (including one-off invoices/bills, recurring bills, and any net commission payouts posted to the GL)
  • The statement will include any outstanding charges and any payments received 
  • If an Agent is in multiple sub-accounts with financial activity, one email with multiple PDF statements attached will be sent
  • The agent will receive a statement that only reflects their financial activity  

Please keep in mind: To receive a statement, the recipient must be a Brokermint user, have at least one General Ledger transaction or recurring billing enabled, and be active at least once during the covered period.

To enable recurring monthly statements, go to Agent billing > Settings tab and switch the Send recurring statements toggle.


Within this page, you also can adjust the sender name that will be displayed on the email and the email template (which can be created in the Fields > Email templates tab).



This is what the Email/Statement will look like:






How do I generate, download, or email a statement for a specific period?

You can view and download any previous month's statement for a specific agent within their Agent Ledger. You can also generate and email a statement for a specific period for any user. 


Go to Accounting > Agent ledger and select the user. Choose the Statements tab > Actions button > Generate statement option. Choose the time period you want the statement to reflect and click Generate. From the opened tab, you can download or print the statement to any user using the dropdown button option at the right-top of the page.



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